Super Grinder (UDGW)

Description & Use:
STRAUSS & CO.'s Super-Grinder wheel is plated with diamond grains, to be used on any Bench grinding machine. Commonly adapted on one side of the machine while a conventional grinding wheel is adapted on the other side. Thus allows the user to grind a wider spectrum of materials. For the grinding and sharpening of tools made of tungsten carbide, hss and hardened materials.

Minimum RPM = 1500 RPM ( for 150mm)
Maximum RPM = 6500 RPM ( for 150mm)
  • Supplying a comprehensive solution for grinding materials of 40hrc and harder.
  • Low weight-protects the axes of the machine.
  • Aluminum core reduces the grinding temperature - no need for coolant.
  • No need for dressing.
  • Whee's diameter is not reduced during the entire wheel's life.
  • No dust generated - keeps the work place clean.

Grit Size:
Most popular grit is D181.
Available in D or B54 (#325/400), D or B91 (#170/200), D or B126 (#120/140), D or B181 (#80/100), D or B252 (#60/80), D or B427 (#40/50).

The aluminium plated wheels are available in different shapes.
Hole size: upon request.