Honing tools
SuperAbrasivi.it has the full line of tools for lap and polish the diameter 2.5 mm to 152mm. La qualità dei materiali and top level to have a duration and an exceptional result.
  • Spindles and Stones in Diamond and Borazon for standard holes from K3 to K40
  • Spindles and Diamante Stones in Borazon for long holes from L3 to L30
  • Spindles and Stones in Diamond and Borazon for very long holes from BL3 to BL20
Single pass Honing
Engis is world leader in the manufacture of grinding machines and tools,and diamond borazon, tools can be made according to customer applications

Engis all products are manufactured according to ISO9002 Nomatica Engis tools allow you to correct the errors of the form typical of the forum, such as roundness, cylindricity, rettinialita, cone-shaped, and the removal of large quantities of material with one stroke the unique characteristics that make Engis mondile leader in polishing a single rose.
SuperAbrasivi.it realizes conventional grinding wheels and diamond or CBN used the most prestigious car manufacturers in Japan and Asia.

Are available tools for internal and external adjustment. Hong specializes in your correction of crankshafts and camshafts for cars and motorcycles.

The catalog includes in mole per raggiatura cbn grinding wheels and diamond cutting.

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